Size Guide

How to Measurement Size of Jackets

Sizing Chart All of our jackets are seized in inches measured across the widest point of the chest and are available in two inch increments in exactly the same way as most suit jackets ie 40″, 42″, 44″ etc..

To measure your chest size take a tape measure and measure around the fullest part of your chest while you have a full breath of air. Do not pull the tape measure too tight. Once you know your chest size in inches order a jacket that is one size up for example if you measure 41″ then order a 42″ jacket. If you measure just below or exactly on a size eg 42″ or 41¾ ” then you should usually go up a size unless you like a tight fit. To double check that you are the correct height for your chosen chest size use the chart below. Read along the top of the chart to find your chest size and then follow down it to find your height as long as there is in chart should be fine.


Waist: loosely measure around your natural waistline.
Sleeves: Start measuring from the wrist to the tip of the shoulder.
Length: Choosing your own length, start from the back of the neck and measure down to where you wish.
Shoulder: Horizontally across the back, measure from one tip of the shoulder to the other.



Regular fitted jacket we suggest adding 3-4inches to the chest and waist measurements.
Tight fitted jacket we suggest adding 2 inches to the chest and waist measurements.


Note: If you are little bit confuse regarding size chart matching your jacket measurement , then must be go to custom size, to provide custom size free having no extra charge.